Characters Falling down

Saw this earlier and had to share with Liners...

Characters falling and some lost heads


Bahaha! This is HILARIOUS! Love how they all are just kind of helpless and waiting for assistance - except Goofy! He bounced right back! Lol! Thanks for sharing!

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Wait a minute. Those are costumes? smile


That. Was. Funny. I needed a laugh today, thanks!!

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We saw wreck it Ralph bite the dust once. It was like slow motion because the costume is so big. 2 CMs had to help him walk away.

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This is SO FUNNY!

I laughed at Mike, Baloo, and Goofy but all I can think about is some child's dream was crushed and the magic is gone because they saw the soldier, tweedle, or Elastigirl lose their head or face. I know, I'm just a sucker, and when I reread what I wrote I kinda got the giggles. wink


Funny - but it was a little creepy when Mrs. Incredible's face fell off!

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Hahaha! This is funny, but I agree, @sterps, the ElastiGirl one was a little traumatizing!

Yeah I would go along with Elastigirl being slightly creepy

When we were in line for Princess Sophia, a really excited little girl managed to jump up and accidentally poke Sophia's eye out! They moved quickly and got Sophia away before any kids noticed.


Funny! Thx for sharing.

sorry to be Debbie-downer, but these aren't funny, when you realize that it's most likely all of those Cast Members lost their jobs as a result. Disney takes character integrity VERY seriously, and losing your head is a fire-able mistake. (Plus, those costumes are not soft on the inside, it probably hurt like heck to fall down in them).

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I agree Mr_Itty - not to mention the upset children. I am thankful this has never happened when my daughter was present.

Valid point, @Mr_Itty. I wasn't thinking of it from that point of view.

Shuffles feet @Mr_Itty is right. At first glance it was funny, thinking about the incidents it is not really funny.

One has to ponder this, when watching something like America's Funniest Videos, most of the clips are of someone getting hurt, and we laugh at it. I have stopped watching a lot of those because of that, but I do enjoy the animal clips, which is why I try and find shows that showcase animals more.

Didn't think of this. Good point - thanks.

Your laughter has sentenced Walt to 10,000 additional years in purgatory. Enjoy having that on your conscience.

(I do like the cut of your jib, though, good sir or madam!)

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Do people actually get fired for tripping and falling? Mistakes happen, they could easily trip over a running kid - would they get fired for that? I did think those falls must have hurt the CM inside and how upset Disney would be that this was on the internet and happened in front of children. They sure got up fast and their priority was to get that head on really fast obviously.

I'm sorry but it was funny! Granted, it wasn't magical for the kids to see but watching somebody fall is laugh worthy. It's happened to all of us at one point or another. Probably to @MDU more than most though. Just sayin...