Character meets in Epcot missing?

Hi all,
I wanted to add the various character meets in Epcot to my touring plan but they don’t seem to all be available in the list to add.

The WDW site lists several meetups including:
Meet Belle in France
Meet Mulan in China
Meet Princess Jasmine in Morocco

and a bunch more that don’t seem to be listed in the Touring Plan’s list.

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Unfortunately they only list the ones who are there all day. The ones that come at certain times like at Epcot aren’t included.

This is the best source of info I think but you have to pay like 15$

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The way I handled it was just blocking out time as a break and noting that I would be meeting Stitch, or whoever. I used character locator (the website listed above) to check hours and tried to plan to arrive about 10 minutes before the meet started to minimize line-time.

I blocked out times as a break as well and used the current times guide as an estimate, updating once we got closer to our trip.

Thanks all. Guess blocking out time is the best I can do. Was hoping for more Touring Plan’s style guidance such as which showtimes were busier than others but oh well.

Odd that it doesn’t handle these like it does more proper shows and greetings.