Character Meets at Epcot

Normally I’m adults only and my husband isn’t big on characters so at most we hug Donald. I’ve got nieces and a nephew in tow in Feb, and they are very excited about characters.

We’re doing a day at Epcot (I’m local so they get a day when they visit). I know a lot of the characters at Epcot pop up in World Showcase, and I know I can find the times on the map in the app. However, how proactive do I need to be in the lining up for these characters? Do I need to stake out a spot in line far in advance?

I’m going to do a little recon of my own before they get down here, but I’m curious what y’all have experienced if you’ve done a lot of meet and greets throughout Epcot.

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The princesssor ones that have longer breaks in the schedule you may want to get there 10-15 minutes early. The others it was pretty continuous. You may end up waiting a few minutes extra while they take their break. They happening Mexico Donald but it wasn’t a big deal.

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I’m estimating about 30 minutes per character (with the exception of Anna and Elsa) - in your experience, do you think that’s a solid, generous enough prediction?

Definitely. Honestly Elsa and Anna you shouldn’t wait longer than that - come back if it is. They definitely inflate the times.

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