Character meals for 11 yr olds

I was just about to book Crystal Palace character meal for dinner with my 11yr old twin girls when I realised they probably wouldn’t be that fussed about WTPooh, etc. Just wondered if anyone could point me to the best CD for that age, or if it’s not really worth it? (She says hopefully!!)

“Best” is pretty subjective and variable based on the kid. Pooh and friends is always fun regardless IMO and they’d likely enjoy it even if they aren’t huge Pooh fans. Garden Grill is a pretty good character meal - family style instead of buffet - with Chip & Dale, Farmer Mickey and Pluto. Don’t know if that’s better or worse. 11 year old girls might enjoy princesses or more which would point you to Akershus or Cinderella’s Royal Table (which costs more). Tusker House is the other character meal that gets very high marks, especially for breakfast which offers Safari Donald, Mickey, Daisy & Goofy.

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My kids are 13 and 15 and for the last few years their preferred character meals are Garden Grill and Tusker House. They did enjoy the characters at CP a few years ago, but we went for dinner and the food was not very good. I would change that dinner to breakfast if you decide to stick with CP.

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I agree that it depends on the characters. My DS11 didn’t want to meet any characters last year except the SW ones, but he didn’t want to when he was 7 either. We did 1900PF and H&V for dinner, and CP and TH for breakfast, but they were for me not him.

I suggest you go over the list of CD restaurants with your girls and ask them what they’d prefer. Here’s a list:

Also realize you are paying adult prices once they are 11. Ouch! Personally I’d skip it and get a Disney Visa so you can do the easy meet and greet at Epcot. Or just get a fast pass. I’d have a hard time paying adult prices for an 11 year old girl who probably can’t eat that much for a buffet.


Exactly what I was thinking - ($120 is a bit much, especially if the food’s not great!). I’ve had a look at Kenny the pirates list and think we will find our characters that way.

adamwsh - can’t - it’s a surprise - they don’t know they’re going yet! But thanks for the link - it has helped me make my mind up. :wink: