Character meals every day?


Bringing 4.5yo GS for 5 night trip with dining plan. Got ADRs for a Character meal every day, various mealtimes, and wide variety of characters he loves. Is this a fabulous plan, or nuts? How long are we likely to spend at each meal?


Count on 90 minutes for each character meal; you may be able to do it in slightly less, but plan on 90 minutes.

Is it nuts? Well, you know your grandson better than anybody on here. If you think meeting various Disney characters will be the highlight of the trip and you can afford it, then go for it.


Although character meals take time, if you were planning on meeting the characters it can actually save you time, and you have to eat anyways right? I would check the characters at each meal though. The food isn’t always the best food in Disney and sometimes they are the same characters. Do you have Garden Grill and Cystal Palace?


We had 5 character meals planned on our last trip and ended up cancelling our last one. The character meals are a great way to meet 4-5 characters at once but they are also louder and more chaotic than some of the non-character restaurants. On a future trip I think I would do 2-3 depending on DD’s requests. I would rather do a few more character meets in exchange for a few more relaxing meals. But in our everyday life we tend to choose restaurants that are quieter and less chaotic.


I did 4 character meals over 2 weeks, and I don’t even have a small child! DS was 11, the meals were definitely for me rather than him. I did CP, ,1900PF, TH and H&V. Though the characters were basically the same at the last 2 (if not identical) I wanted the Fantasmic dining package and didn’t fancy the other restaurants so I had to have H&V, and the food is fab at TH.

Next time I’m planning on CP and GG pre RD breakfast and TH brunch.


DH and I did Crystal Palace, Garden Grill and Chef Mickey’s and we have no children. I enjoy the meals and everyone is a child again at Disney.


Not crazy!! It’s great meeting characters without standing in line. I would plan a minimum of an hour.