Character Meal

Has anyone heard about more character meals opening soon? I had the perfect vacation planned prior to covid with character meals every day including the castle. We are going in May now and I am trying to plan as many as I can. I just went in December and the characters are what I missed most.

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Characters are coming out at the castle, chef Mickey’s etc. but from a distance. You are not allowed to interact ie. touch/hug all that jazz

I have no idea, but I understand the love. That is one of my must haves before going back.

I have a friend who has gone regularly. She said it best, “Disney princesses making your daughter feel like a princess is what makes it worth the money.”


I don’t really care about touching them. I just want to see them and be able to get a picture with them. We were able to to Santa clause pictures this year. There were tables six feet in front of him that you sat on, with your mask on. He sat behind you six feet (actually more) and you got to talk to him a moment and then have your picture. It was so able. Disney could come up with something like this and still make is magical.

Chef Mickey, Topolino’s (Riviera), H&V with a much-improved quality by all accounts are all open. And I think Garden Grill is too.

There’s also a breakfast at one of the DS resorts on certain days. Not sure about the Swan / Dolphin one.

I am floored that this recommendation is coming out of my mouth- er, keyboard… We went recently and the best character meal we did was Hollywood & Vine!!! I can’t tell you how much I HATE pre-covid H&V. This being one of the few character experiences while we were there, I relucantly shelled out the $$$ for the meal and was pleasantly surprised! The food was really good! And the character interactions were great! We got good pictures with the characters, both of the kids across the table and selfies. They stood back from the table while we were taking them.

We also did Chef Mickey’s on the first day characters were back, and while the pictures weren’t as good, the character interactions were still really fun. We weren’t trying very hard to get good pictures though, the kids told me that the only one they cared about getting was donald because he wasn’t at H&V. I think if we were after pictures we would have been able to get some good ones. Although at Chef Mickey’s it seemed more like they just came out and stood in the middle of the room, whereas at H&V they actually passed by all the tables and waved (from a distance)

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