Character meal overload?

Me wife and DD9 have 5 night trip staying at French quarter. I currently have 5 character meals and we are on the DDP - We missed out on dinner at the castle for her birthday and this may be our only Disney trip
Minnie’s Seasonal @ Hollywood & Vine for dinner
Akershus for lunch
Tusker House for lunch
Chef Mickey for Breakfast
Cinderella @ 1900 Park Fare for Dinner
Did I overdo the CMs? Should I delete or add?
All help appreciated

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I think I would either do Chef Mickey’s or Hollywood and Vine. How about something fun like Sci Fi or 50s Prime Time?


If you think your daughter will enjoy the character meals, then you’ve got a good plan. Character meals are a good use of dining credits because they are very expensive. You will have a little bit of redundancy with Tusker House and Chef Mickey, but the characters will be in different costumes at each. I definitely recommend Akershus and 1900 Park Fare dinner. The food at Akershus can be a little adventurous for some kids, but the buffet should offer some more traditional choices as well.


The main course for kids was actually the only thing my kids ate. The buffet I thought was funky - they picked at some cheese and peaches. Neither kid ate any of the dessert. They have pizza as an entree so that’s fine. The food for kids is the main reason I hesitate to go back. As an adult, I enjoyed it.

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That’s right, it’s been a while for me. I’ve done PPO breakfast there the last couple trips. There are more kid friendly foods on the buffet at breakfast I think.

If she is into characters then I say do it! We usually do one character meal per day too.

H&V will have the same characters asChef Mickey. I would pick Chef Mickey over H&V personally.

Have you heard about reservation finder? Set up an alert for Cinderella’s Royal Table & maybe you will get it. I’ve had awesome luck!

We enjoyed Akershus, but their lunch/dinner menu is adventurous. Maybe consider breakfast if the menu doesn’t appeal?

Other character meals we’ve enjoyed are Garden Grill & Crystal Palace. Storybook Dining at Artist Point gets awesome reviews too.

Just ideas to consider. You’ve got some awesome meals planned!

If you do the 50"s Café, your kids will hate you. We did it to ours years ago and now there 36 and 40 and they still remember the place and want to kill us for taking them there. :rage::smiling_imp::nauseated_face:

Looks a lot like my trip. Staying at POFQ. Have the following character meals:
Tusker House breakfast
Akershus breakfast and dinner
1900 Park Fare for breakfast
Plus Biergarten dinner, Plaza lunch, Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch.
Planning on adding DDP or dropping Akershus. Considering Garden Grill for a dinner but so far no luck, most likely because of Eat to the Beat.

Funny, my son and niece remember it fondly. These days we more likely stop in Tune In for drinks and will split a plate of fried chicken.


We did one character meal a day except for HS when we did Sci-fi. They’re only young once and I’m all about experience over food. If you are on DDP it’s especially worth it!

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I would never grow tired of character meals.
I have grown tired of paying for character meals.


Maybe it has changed since we went there quite a few years ago. Kids were quite young at the time and now their grown adults with kids of their own. Anyway back then it was sit at a formica table and watch I LOVE LUCY on a black & white TV. Waitress delivered boiled chicken, peas, and mashed potatoes. Kids had to finish before they could have dessert and the waitress told them so in no uncertain terms. Oldest at the time hid his pea’s under the chicken bone and got dessert as a good boy. The Youngest wasn’t so smart and he was forced to eat his pea’s by the waitress. It was hilarious but they didn’t thinks so. So that was our experience. To I and my wife we both remembered it well from the time when we grew up from kids. Different times. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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My answer changes with your comment of this being your only Disney Trip.

Character meals, and traveling around to get to and from Character meals, can easily eat huge chunks out of your park time. For a one-time Disney trip, I’d make sure to maximize park time. Akershus, Tusker and Crystal Palace – being in the parks, are good ideas. The problem with H & V, is simply poor food quality.

I have a sneaky suspicion, your family may get the Disney-Fandom fever, (for future trips) that we all tend to get. Have a great trip. Oh you’ll be back. haha.

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I am about 26 days from FFP, so seriously looking at my plans. To save time for MK, I cancelled 1900 for the late breakfast and booked Skipper Canteen instead.
Considering NOT getting the dining plan and dropping Akershus for dinner, just so expensive. Will keep Akershus breakfast if I can get PPO, come on Reservation Finder. I have a table for 4, but need seven.

Akershus is a really great substitute for Cinderella’s royal table. I’ve been to both. Akershus has a definite “castle” atmosphere.


Our favourites when our kids were younger were Ohana, 1900 Park Fare, Garden Grill. We did not enjoy our experience at Chef Mickey’s. (too big, loud, and busy for us) My kids liked the princesses at Akershus but not the food, we enjoyed Tusker House for breakfast. We did BOG for dinner when it was 1 credit and liked it but would not do it for 2 credits. We are bringing our adult children back to Disney this summer and my oldest DD requested we go back to Ohana! I’m most excited to try Storybook this time.

It’s a tough call, we’ve done them all except Chef Mickey, and our least favorite was CRT. I would consider which locations fit in conveniently with your plans.

Not sure I agree. If meeting characters are a priority character meals are the way to go. It saves you time waiting in one to meet them and you eat. My kids are younger but character meals are some of our best memories. We didn’t do any out of the parks though due to the time waste so that might be a good suggestion.

Now I have added a lunch at Garden Grill. Probably going to keep that Akershus dinner and getting the dining plan.
I have Akershus breakfast, Biergarten dinner, Tusker House breakfast, Akershus dinner, Garden Grill lunch, and a Cape May dinner as my justification for getting the dining plan.
I am going with an email from guest services that says that I can use my DDP for others not on my plan. Last CM I mention this to said that they are my credits and that I can use them however I want to use them, otherwise I don’t break even.