Character meal ADRs 20min before closing?

So I’m looking to schedule a CRT lunch at a time that will still allow us to maximize morning touring but still get the full benefit of the characters. Posted times for lunch are 11:40-2:50pm. If we get a 2:30 ADR (so we can catch the 2pm parade) will we still get to see all the princesses, or will the be done visiting at 2:50?

I am interested too. Have a 750 crystal palace adr with park closing at 8. So will we have full access to characters?

You will meet all the princesses. The last reservation for lunch will be at 2:50 but even if they were running late they would seat everyone and you would get the full experience. Enjoy!

Thank you!

I have this same fear with a late 1900 Park Fare Breakfast. I want lots of quality time with Alice!