Character M&G vs Character Dining

If you meet the princesses at CRT would you also line up to do M&Gs?

Well, first of all, you don’t see ALL of the princesses at CRT, if that’s what you are thinking. So, I would say the ones you meet at CRT you will not need to meet anywhere else. Having said that, the one caveat I could see with this is that you have to take your own pictures at CRT. There is no photopass photographer there. So if you want to have those pro photos of you/your child with them, you’ll have to find them at a regular M&G.


One of the beautiful things about meeting characters at meals is you essentially kill two birds with one stone. You’ve got to take time to eat, so you may as well meet some of the characters while you do. There will still be some characters to meet but I wouldn’t double up and both meet at dinner and in line.

Of course YMMV, depending on the wishes of your little ones. As much as I think it’s not necessary to do both, there’s also nothing wrong with doing both and they do kind of offer different experiences in some ways.

I would just caution that the photopass photos are definitely not pro. Really photographer dependent, and definitely some better than others. Some of our best photos and character interactions have been our own at dinners.

Well, yeah. You probably have a point. Maybe “pro” is too strong a word. Me using my phone to take pics can often be better than the “pro” photos. But having the photos should up in your photopass collection may be important to some.

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For sure this piece is true :slight_smile:
I love it when we are both right!