Character Help!

We arrive at AKL tomorrow afternoon with 3 day PH and thanks to everyone here, well researched and detailed touring plans that I’m super excited for. For the last 6 mths my DD9 has insisted she won’t do any characters, tonight she advised me she is most looking forward to meeting Maleficent! Any advice please?

Unfortunately you cannot meet Maleficent at WDW. Well maybe during Halloween but definitely not now. You can see her at Fantasmic I believe but no meet and greet.

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Well… if her heart is set on Maleficent you are going to have to break it to her that Maleficent doesn’t do meet & greets at WDW.

Here is a link to LIVE info on character meetings at all the WDW parks. I’d advise looking at it now and on the way down to see what characters will be out this week.

The MDE App is pretty good too while in the parks. Change the filter on top from “Wait Times” to “Characters”


Isn’t she at the new character dining at WL?

If so, you could try for a last minute booking for there.

That’s the Evil Queen (Grimhilde) from Snow White. I used to get them confused too before the Angelina Jolie movie.

My daughter loves her too. You can only see her in dragon form at the MK parade.

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Thanks so much!

Oh duh! :joy:


Although it is the Evil Queen at Artist Point, not Maleficent as @darkmite2 said…it is a really fun character interaction. If you have a void in your dinner plans, we had a great time at that restaurant last time (the food wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but meeting the Queen was fun!) I know one villain is not an adequate sub for another, but it might ease the sting of disappointment :wink:

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Your Liner license has 1 (one) black mark on it now @Nicky_S



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I hope I get a badge for that!


As she will inform you, she is The Queen. Those who refer to her as Evil (such as our Encyclopedia of Disney Characters) are mistaken. :scream::flushed:

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