Character dining without kids?

Going in September, it’s been close to 10 years and this will be our first trip without any kids - not even a surly teen! My initial thought was to skip character meals altogether - I think I’d generally rather spend my money on food rather than the premium for the experience. But… they always did add to the fun when we went in the past with our kids. They’re all adults now! Any thoughts on character meals for an adult party of 2?

You are going to get a wide range of answers to this because it really comes down to personal preference.

I skip character meals for adult-only trips. DW and I enjoy character meals with the kids, but wouldn’t enjoy them with just the 2 of us. Instead DW and I would either (a) opt for “higher” end dining experiences like CG, Jiko, Boathouse, etc or (b) eat something quick and spend more time in the parks.

I love doing character meals, even as an adult party of 1. I usually one a trip (but not more than one).


I have done and will again if the mood strikes!

DD21 and I went to Topolinos for breakfast and loved it. While she is my “kid” I guess she’s technically an adult. If you find a meal you like, go for it.


I definitely would.

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I am not the person to ask as may be known here. I’d rather eat character meals. One of my most fun recent character interactions came after being primed by a great Jungle Cruise skipper. At breakfast I looked at Tigger and said, we’re so hoppy to see you! (I could insert a photo here)

All seriousness aside, probably resort character meals might be a little less kid centric. Other than Chef Mickey.


I really like going to Crystal Palace for Tigger and the gang - without kids, but especially WITH Liners!!


In May I remotely checked in at 10 am for our 10:20 ADR. We were seated at 11. “We’re running behind”.

We ate all we wanted and waited patiently for each character, which we got to visit with and hug. Left the restaurant sometime after 12:30.

This is our first time needing to spend this much time to see all the characters at any restaurant.


I think it depends on who you’re with! I wouldn’t go with just my DH (we’d rather do different meals for us if it was the two of us without the kids, and he’s ) but I had the best time at Topolino’s with @Dreamer, @Enchantedbythemouse and @katielouhou! Fantastic character interactions, great food and absolutely wonderful company!


That was a fun meal!


I ampro character meal any time. Even solo!


It was fabulous!

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