Character Dining post COVID

I know everything at this point is still up in the air and is just speculation.
I am just curious what people think character dining will look like or if it will even exist?
I know they had said no meet and greets, so no touching/hugging the characters, but will the characters still be present and maybe walk around and wave to the tables?
What does it look like in Shanghai with characters? Are they only present in the limited character parades or are they present in the park to see and just unavailable for contact?

My daughter’s FAVORITE part is the characters. We are very fortunate that we have gone multiple times with her before and that will hopefully carry forward in the future, so we have already talked about how things may look different, as well as not touching or interacting with the characters the way she is used to. She seemed more accepting of that than I would have expected, but I wonder if it would be worth it with no characters at all.
My heart aches while reading about everyone else whose plans have been disrupted and cancelled as well as reading about all the disappointed children, I think that is the worst of all.


I am so thankful that we were able to take DS, DD, DGD 3 and DGD 13 months, and DSiL to WDW. Parades, characters, character meals were the favorites of the little ones. We have a trip scheduled for December. I was 10 days from my ADR day with just about every character meal in the plan with the DDP, maybe DDP+. We are in a wait and see mode at this time.

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Bloggers are reporting that in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the characters make an appearance in the restaurant and wave to everyone, but they don’t make a circuit around to all the tables anymore. I don’t think I’m willing the pay the current prices for that experience.

I’d like to see them figure out a stationary meet-and-greet situation, where they can offer hand sanitizer and control the situation a little more. Like the way you meet Belle on the way into Akershus and then you sit at your table and don’t see her again. And I think at BOG dinner, you meet the Beast on your way out? That might be a nice option for phase 2 or 3.


Thank you for the info! I think my daughter would be ok with that experience as long as she could see them/wave, but I agree, I would not be willing to pay so much more for character dining in that instance.

The email that I received from Disney in regards to my December trip, says" certain experiences such as Character dining cannot be provided"

You received an email from disney for your December trip? We have room reservations and tickets through a 3rd party for late nov-early Dec but I haven’t received any emails yet.

Just got it a little while ago. It was informing me that they were modifying my package and the price because there was not going to be a dining package. It said that I would be notified of other updates, shortly.

I just got an email today from Disney that all dining reservations are cancelled, dining plans are cancelled, and character dining is cancelled. Issuing refunds for DDP / taking amount off balance if final payment hasn’t been made. EMH are cancelled and there will be a reservation system for parks. They said we would be getting more info on how to reserve park time, and dining, soon and options will be available 60 days out (not 180 for dining).

Our trip is in October and I had made ADRs. Going to go check my MDE to see if all my ADRs are wiped, or if they are just doing that for summer trips. Character meals were a huge part of our trip and would be totally bummed if we can’t do those.

Someone mentioned in a previous post that character dining would be through the end of the year. Our trip is in December. I know this question is totally speculation, but does everyone really believe it will be that limited all the way into December? Or will they ease restrictions earlier as long as there isn’t a second wave? I guess I have until October to decide and get my money back, but our trip looks like a no go

I have received an email for my December trip also. It is a third party room only booking with tickets in my account.

I think WDW will be doing what they stated at the Orange county commission meeting: “We will Launch, Learn, and Adjust” So, as data comes out they will make appropriate adjustments. Flexibility & patience will be key. Sadly it’s just too far away to make predictions.

Maybe at some point in the future they’ll permit meet & greets as long as physical contact isn’t made with the character?
I’m sure a big concern is a procession of kids hugging a princess.
But a quick chit chat and then pose for a picture… better than watching & waving, no?