Character Couture Experiences?

After reading multiple reviews of the new Character Couture salon experiences at the resort hotels, I’ve booked two of the Timeless Transformations for my upcoming trip - one for my first full day at the parks, when I plan to wear my Ariel Disney Bound outfit and visit the Grotto, and one for my last full day, when I plan to wear my new Rapunzel Disney Bound and visit Princess Fairytale Hall. I’m trying to decide which accessories to bring with me, but information on what specific hair accessories the salons tend to have available seems to be scarce, and I suspect there’s some variation. I did read that there are colored hair extensions they use for Rapunzel, but they don’t tend to have flowers; and I’ve seen a number of pictures of the princess tiara they offer (which appears to be fairly generic).

So, does anyone have experiences with the Character Couture options you’d be willing to share, particularly if you went for Ariel or Rapunzel looks? What kind of hair options were you given in particular, and what if anything do you wish you’d brought?

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Bump and following. My wife and daughter are planning to do this in July, and I’ve been tasked with gathering intel.


Have you tried calling? I might do that to get a better idea. Also I did a search on it and came up with a article/segment done by Today Show staffer, that doesn’t specifically answer your question, but does give some good insight to the process.

here are some articles I found:

Good luck and have fun! I hope you will come back and share your experience with us!