Character buffet - can we avoid the characters?

Quick question - can we avoid characters at Goofy’s Kitchen? We’re hitting the buffet there on our last day before we leave, but we’re not big on character meets without kids with us (4 adults this trip). Can we ask at check in about having characters skip us? I’d rather have them spend more time with the families that will be there.

I’m sure you could, but if you are not interested in characters have you considered dining for dinner at the storytellers? They don’t have characters for dinner, and it is also a buffet

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I second the advice to switch to Storytellers. Goofy’s Kitchen’s buffet is more mediocre and definitely priced for the character interaction. Storyteller’s on the other hand is an excellent buffet and every bit as conveniently located as Goofy’s. And yes, they are not a character meal at dinnertime. If going any other time of day, where it is a character buffet, I imagine you can request at the front for the characters to skip your table and if you do get a character stopping by, you can wave them on fairly easily.

We’ve done that, with kids. We are staying at the Disneyland Hotel, which is why we are doing Goofy’s. We were planning on doing breakfast on our last day, before leaving for the airport.

I am sure you could let them know, just know that there may be a chance that one or two characters that may not get the memo.

I third that advice on Storytellers Cafe. The food is far superior to Goofy’s Kitchen. We love staying at DLH. However we enjoy breakfast at Tangaroa Terrace or walking down into DTD for beignets at the Jazz Kitchen Express on our final day. That would be my suggestion if you don’t want to go to GCH. If your heart is set on Goofy’s though, then go for it!

I have asked them at DLR and they have little table markers that hold a red flagged card that says something like “thanks but no thanks”. The characters sometimes have a hard time seeing it, so I have just gestured to it if I saw one approaching. Most see it right away and it worked well.

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We went to StoryTellers two weeks ago and only had two characters visit our table. Which was fine with me. We had breakfast, it was pretty good. I think that will be my last character meal until we go back to Tusker House at Ak.

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