Character Breakfast at Plaza Inn

Just wondered what folks thought about the character breakfast at the Plaza Inn?

It has been a year or two since we have been, but the last time we were there, the breakfast was nice. It is buffet style with traditional breakfast foods and some lunch foods. Of course there is Minnie, but there seems to be a rotating cast that comes out to do meet and greet. I have found it to be less crowded, as a whole. The downside is the tables are close together, so there is lots of bumping around and there are times you are a little too aware of what the family is doing at the table next to you. The photo they take at the beginning is not with Minnie or any character, which surprised me. We ended up with a nice family photo, but we had to take our own photo with Minnie. (We always have the Photopass, so I always count on the Disney photographers to take photos.) We will go to the breakfast if we have an early morning and use it for our brunch break. Especially if we were in the for Magic Morning at 7 am. We will use this as our lunch break around 10/10:30.

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Thanks! We will have early morning entry on all of our mornings and doing this as a brunch type thing was exactly what I was thinking.

My kids prefer Goofy’s Kitchen, BUT there are a lot of pros to this character breakfast. First of all, the character interaction is amazing and you always get a good rotation of characters that aren’t always seen. We have seen at least 8 in the 3 times we’ve done it. It seems that Minnie, Hook, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore are the staples, but we’ve also seen Rafiki, Fairy Godmother, Max (Goofy’s son), Chip and Dale. I’ve heard others seeing some Pinocchio characters (the fox and Geppetto) and the Cinderella mouse Perla. So you have the chance to get some lesser seen characters.

For the food, it’s more cafeteria style buffet food but the price is decent, especially when you consider the convenience of the park location plus the characters. They do have made to order omelets so that’s always a nice touch to any breakfast buffet.

Lastly, brunch here is a great way to build in some rest time after packing a morning full of fun starting with early entry.


I don’t know if you have been to Goofy’s Kitchen recently, but they have made major changes and it is not as nice as it was. Now there are set characters (Goofy, chip, dale, pluto and minnie) and it seems that no one is guaranteed to see all of them. They have this strange routine now, which the keep pulling the characters off the floor about every 20 minutes and then there is a break, so not all the characters come to all the tables. Also, I have found the food quality to have gone down. That was once a favorite, but it has been so poor recently, we have taken it our of our rotation.

Except for our first time 3 years ago, we’ve only ever gone when it’s been the set of Goofy, Chip Dale Pluto & Minnie. It’s been our kids’ favorite so we’ve done it at least 3-4 times since Jan. The last couple of times we got reservations right at the end of brunch (called breakfast, but both were after noon so I definitely don’t count that as breakfast still). Both times the characters came out multiple times including Goofy after he was done with all newly seated ARDs. The kids love the parade too so as long as that’s there, we’re all happy. As for the food, it’s still a step above Plaza and all of the breakfast food is still great as ever.

It’s fine. Better than OK, not a premium experience by any stretch. But if it’s characters you want to see, it fits the bill. You’ll walk out full and with some great autographs :slight_smile:

I would definitely choose Goofy’s Kitchen or PCH Grill (smaller buffet, but really great cal-mex food) over Plaza Inn.

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I love the cal-mex food at PCH Grill! And the fact that it’s the only character meal for Mickey & Daisy. Goofy’s has a very soft spot for me thought owing to the fact that it’s in the Disneyland Hotel and we have great memories there that just keep extending every time we venture to it. I would do either of those over Plaza as well.

Our two favorite character meals, are PCH grill and the Storybook Cafe. The Storybook cafe has rarely seen characters and the food is the one of the best ones.