Character Autographs on a shirt

I very likely am searching for the wrong words on Disney’s website, does anyone know if there are guidelines for autographs? I was thinking of taking along a t-shirt and some colored sharpies and having the princesses sign the shirt for my daughter, but I was not sure if this was an acceptable thing to do or if they would refuse to sign the shirt. Anyone know if that is okay, or has anyone done this kind of thing before?

Thanks in advance!

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I believe that it is OK to sign a shirt, as long as it is not being worn at the time. The click Sharpies are a good idea (no caps to lose), and many characters will not sign with a green Sharpie (supposedly it is the toughest to clean off).

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Shirts are fine, and clickable sharpies are great. Consider someway to keep it taught and separated from the otherwise to prevent bleeding

This is a good point as well - embroidery hoops work really well for this.

Thank you both, I had picked up some pink and purple sharpies, but will upgrade to the clickable kind (that is a great idea). The shirt is small enough I was thinking of securing it to a hard clipboard, but if that doesn’t work I will definitely pick up an embroidery hoop. I appreciate the responses!