Character at Chase Card M&G in Hollywood Studios

My family of 9 including 4 grandchildren will visit the world in late January 2018. We will visit the Chase Credit Card M&G at Star Wars Launch Bay, but I am concerned about which character we will meet. We will do Launch Bay first where Kilo Ren, Chewie, and BB-8 have a M&G. Would we possibly duplicate one of these characters in the Chase M&G? I don’t think Disney would do that, but can anyone tell me which character we would see?

It changes but it was Kilo Ren when we did it.

When we were there it was also Kylo Ren, so it was duplicated.

Thanks for your input. Will probably avoid Kylo Ren in the Launch Bay just in case. Will also try checking with a cast member when we get there who may be able to verify for me.

The cm’s might be told to keep the Identity of the Chase Meet/Greets kind of hush hush. Just so you know - if they won’t tell you directly who it is. I think I saw one person report Darth Vader once, but for the most part, it’s normally reported to be Kylo.

If you are pressed for time, do the Chase meet 1st to verify. Depending on the time, the chase line should be much shorter. If you can work it in, do both. You might get some better pictures than one over the other, even if they are both Kylo.

I would suggest going to Chase first if you are concerned with duplicates.

In Epcot they have been secretive about characters. This was my first experience at HS and the CM told us when checking Chase card that is was Kylo and hoped that was OK. Kylo was in full character and scared my wife when we walked in.

Thanks for your suggestions, but going to the Chase M&G first is not an option for us. This is our go home day and we will only be in Hollywood Studios from 9 til 2:30 before we need to return to resort for Magic Express. Our current touring plan has us doing RNRC standby and TT fastpass between 9 and 10, then Launch Bay from 10 to 11 and the Chase M&G which begins at 11 right after. We then have a TSMM and Star Tours fastpass between 11 and 11:50 and a Sci-Fi drive in reservation at 11:50. Going to hit Indiana Jones and we hope another Star Tours ride after lunch, so we can’t really change our plan easily. Pretty tight timing as it is with little room for change. The recent change for Magical Express pickup moving from 4 hours back to 3 may give us a little extra time, but I am more inclined to use that time to see the Muppets with the grandkids.

The Chase M&G at HS is in the same area as the rest of the character meets. When I was there in December, it was Kylo Ren. It takes maybe 5 minutes to get through it, as there is rarely any line.

We’re going to be there on the 20th. I’ll check then, and update when I know for sure, but 99% certain it’s Kylo, it’s been that way for over a year now.

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