Chapek confirms masks will be required in US parks upon reopening

I’m sure it had been discussed before, but I can’t seem to find it now. Did they comment on masks for children? Is there an age requirement or anything?

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No I haven’t seen any specifications to age or special needs or anything to that matter. That will be interesting as well.

It was not mentioned. Here is the full interview:

Just so that we have a wide swath of opinions, I will express mine:

Requiring masks is the right thing to do, at least in these initial months when there is no herd immunity, limited understanding of the nature of the virus and its effects, and no proven treatments or vaccine. While masks will not eliminate the risk, it will reduce it by a significant degree. When we’re talking about statistics and millions of potential infections, any marginal decrease will significantly reduce the number of deaths and adverse impacts (assuming we are going to open anything at all - which I think we must do for the sake of morale and to avoid economic catastrophe).

It is not comfortable wearing a mask. But like eating your vegetables and brushing your teeth, it’s the right thing to do and you just might get a sense of satisfaction out of it, knowing that you are doing your part to protect yourself and others.

That said, I understand if people don’t like it and don’t judge them for choosing not to attend rather than have to wear a mask.


I’m realizing that I don’t really notice the mask

At work I am required to wear a mask at all times, the exception being when I am alone in my office with nobody else and the door closed.

I just realized I have been sitting here with the door closed and my mask on for 2 hours.

Apparently it’s no big deal for me.


I’m sure they will be lenient with children. They may ask the child to put it on if they’re not wearing one at all, but if it’s not being worn properly, they probably won’t comment further than that. Just a guess based on weighing the cost-benefit of enforcement (children aren’t likely to be contributing much to the spread anyway).


If and when I reach your level of comfort wearing a mask, I would return to WDW but till then I stay away/

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Do I want to wear a mask? No. Will I wear a mask to protect others? Yes. Do I want others to wear a mask to protect me and my loved ones? Absolutely. If masks are required for our December trip and it is safe to travel, we will be there.


Sure! No judgment on you. Just an observation on me.

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No problem didn’t feel judged.

The phrase we keep hearing is “The new normal”. In Asia, the norm is wearing face masks in public. Looks like you’re ahead of the curve with the possible new normal.

I can accept this could be the new normal, just personally wondering if and when it will become just part of my daily routine.

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I want to see Mickey Mouse with a mask on. I think that will go a long way to easing people into masks and certainly for helping children to wear them.


I’m glad they have announced a decision on this. I fully understand the decision, but we will not go until masks are no longer needed. My kids would be miserable. Best to just postpone our trip.


I don’t like wearing a mask at any time.

I DO wear a mask in August while mowing the yard - and really, after an amazingly small amount of time - I’m not noticing the mask. (Temps in 90s with dew points in the upper 60s & walk behind mower.)
I especially like not having allergy/asthma difficulties after mowing, thanks to the mask.

Cute Disney relevant masks would be way easier on my particular head than mouse ears. :confounded:

What’s the correlation between masks and Disney transport? Like: will the buses be running? That’s almost my 15 yo grandniece’s deal breaker.

Note below: she’s required to wear a mask when she teaches the beginner karate kids.
She was grumbly about it. I said look on the internet for masks you like and email me the link.

She now has masks she doesn’t mind wearing.


I was really hoping that Disney would only require masks when in queues or indoors, etc., but not generally outside. But without any qualifications, I think they are preparing people for the possibility of ALWAYS having to wear them except while eating.

As such, I’m dreading it…but it means I’ll be focused on getting the right mask for our trip that is most livable. My wife has made some, and we’ve bought some. And now, my wife is going to try another variation with a different material to see if it will be cooler.

Comfort isn’t an issue for me. It is being able to breathe and not overheat. So far, even in cooler temps, I start sweating. I have to find something cooler.

I may need to drop the idea of using all the Disney T-shirts I bought for the trip (and our Anniversary trip) and just wear Tank tops every day instead, which will be cooler overall.

I’m glad to know now, regardless, so I can start preparing.


I suggest finding a comfortable mask. The light weight ear loop paper ones from the hospital are massively more tolerable than the cute, but heavy, cotton ones my mom has made.


Hopefully, they will work out some sort of system for providing masks, if necessary. Like for example, if you forget your reusable one at the hotel one day. There are some cute Disney masks that we were about to order but then realized the shipping costs to Canada would cost more than the masks so we’ll have to wait to buy in person. (hopefully in December).

It’s as another poster in this thread stated: like having to eat your vegetables - it’s good for you and in the end vegetables can be pretty tasty!


I only slightly notice my mask anymore. It’s really only in the last 4 hours of my 12.5 hour workday that I get annoyed at it and want to take it off. But for 8.5 hours…I can deal with it just fine. That’s a surgical mask though, and they are so much better for me than the cloth ones. I can’t wear a cloth one more than 15 minutes before I feel my temperature rising, they are so hot and claustrophobic. I would only be able to wear a surgical mask at Disney (and would do so willingly). With cloth…there are going to be a whole lot of people passing out from the combo of dehydration, extreme heat and humidity, plus a cloth mask. Hope Disney is planning on hiring a whole lot more medics and RNs for the parks.


Question: Do you get a new mask after getting off KRR or Splash? Also, what do you wear in their crowded pools?

Of course, they’ve been telling us that we shouldn’t be using surgical masks…save those for the medical professionals. Has that recommendation changed? I’d love to try one, but I think when people see others out in public in surgical masks, they are kind of looked down upon. Maybe attitudes are different now with more PPE available?

Paper PPE style would be ruined on a wet ride.