Changing trip dates based solely on crowd calendar

Hi. Need some advice. We have a trip scheduled to leave on Good Friday and stay for 7 nights. Crowd calendar changed from moderate crowds (6,7 and 8’s) to heavy crowds (8,9 and 10’s. We can change our trip dates to the week before Memorial Day. Moderate crowds then (5,6 and 7’s). Just wondering if it would be worth changing dates for. We’ve been during spring break before and crowd calendar was 9 and 10’s. Just trying to avoid that disaster!


Personally I wouldn’t base a trip solely on CLs because as you know they can change. With that said though we have traveled to Disney over Easter and the week before Memorial Day (as well as the week after) and found Easter more crowded. I would actually be unlikely to visit during Easter again. We really like the week before Memorial Day because our kids are finished with school but many other school districts in the U.S. are still in session.

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I also would not change my plans based solely on crowd calendar.

However, that being said, we normally travel that week due to school vacation week; we have amended our trip to arrive midweek after the crowds settle and will stay 5 nights. I have no desire to deal with Easter crowds.


He’d actually be missing 5 days of school if we go the week before Memorial Day which is his very last week of school so that’s why I originally scheduled it for Easter and the week after. But now that the crowds have gone up even higher I just don’t know if I can do that again. I thought that maybe it would be better this year since Easter is late but it isn’t looking too good. Thanks for the input!

Oh, missing school does make this a harder decision. It is possible that since Easter is late this year that it won’t be as insane. You can still have great trip over Easter even with the crowds. Get to the parks early and have a good TP.

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I have went during very busy times (Christmas for one and did that twice). I would not change based on any crowd level.

The link below has this about crowd calendar and touring plans, as you can see, its much more important to have a good touring plan vs using the crowd calendar.

Use a Touring Plan

Our Crowd Calendar is a great tool for choosing a time of year to visit. It also suggests which park to visit on each day, but a good Touring Plan is five times more important than park choice.

Hope this helps/