Changing touring plan day

I have created 8 touring plans that are based on what we want to do. For each park I have a “yes” list and a “yes and maybe” list (so the versions that include “maybe” choices are longer). To make the lists, I had to choose a specific date. However, I am not sure which park we will visit on each day yet. Should I, before I go, optimize these 8 plans for each day we are there so that I will have them all available through the app?

We are there 10/10-14 full days and morning only 10/15. There is rain predicted for 10/14. I have heard that some parks are better on rainy days than others. (we are staying in resort, no car, don’t have hopper tix, may go to halloween 10/13–which could serve as “hop” that day)

I would recommend picking days before hand. Your choice may depend on whether you’ll be using EMH times and the fact that you don’t have hoppers. The crowds are heaver at some parks on different days. No real reason to wait until the day of to decide. If, however, you want to do that you can still access the plans but if it was built using a different day the wait times could be off by a decent amount.

I would definitely pick days and optimize for them before you go, but perhaps have a “Plan A” schedule and a “Plan B” schedule for the park order just to have some wiggle room. However, I would not choose park days based on the long-range weather forecast - anything further out than 3 days is pretty much as accurate as a Ouija board.

Even if you change you mind at the last minute, you can just take one of you existing plans, re-optimize it for the day in question, and you are ready to roll.

I guess I wasn’t clear enough. Can I change the day for the plan on the app? I am not bringing my computer with me. Are some parks better when there is rain?

Yes, you can change plan dates and times in the app.