Changing ticket dates and flights (Delta)

I’m trying to change my tickets online- currently from May 1-9, to a (far too optimistic) backup date of May 22-30. When I try to do this online, it’s saying it’ll be a $118 charge to change my tickets. If I call, will they make the change for free? Does anyone know?

Also, has anyone had to deal with Delta in changing flights? I see so much about Southwest, but I need some feedback about Delta.

I see their website says that they’re currently only extending tickets that are within the March closure. Has anyone had any luck calling and getting them to change their April or May tickets for no additional cost?

Delta has been a pain to deal with for me. At this point they are charging me a cancellation fee which is almost the same price I bought the tickets for–so frustrating. I have filed an appeal for a refund, but no word yet.
I hope you have better luck!

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Yeah… I was afraid of that. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that. I haven’t heard anyone congratulating Delta for how helpful they’ve been. It’s making me seriously reconsider using them for future flights. When is your trip that you’re cancelling? And just to clarify, you’re looking to cancel, not change the flight?

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Correct. My flight was originally supposed to be tomorrow. I canceled it after a 50 minute hold with Delta on Tuesday (because they wouldn’t even speak to me until I was 72 hours from my flight). They said I then had to fill out a refund form online explaining why I deserved a refund apparently. :roll_eyes: But I was not trying to change the flight–maybe that will be a better experience for you.

Hopefully, but I won’t be the least bit surprised if it’s not any better. They’re trying to save their bottom line, not keep their customers. I’m sorry you’re going through that. For what it’s worth (nothing, unfortunately), I think you deserve a refund. Make sure to include that in your appeal!

I have changed two tickets with Delta without a problem (actually, I canceled them for a full value e-credit).

I agree that the problem you are having is due to being outside the travel date range. If I were you, I’d do nothing. I bet that gets extended into May. I just don’t see this being over by then. Most experts say the peak is still 6-8 weeks away.

Don’t try calling- they don’t want to deal with you unless you’re traveling within. the next 72 hours, so many people. are rushing home from out of the country.


I did; I’m so over Delta and their poor customer service.

And they are barely wanting to deal with you if you are flying within 72 hrs.

Oh, yeah. I actually was traveling within the next 72 hours (well, not me but my son) and could not get through. I went to the airport to talk with someone. He said, just let it expire and they’ll give you an ecredit, which they did.

Interesting. I’m glad it worked out (well, sort of).

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Let me be the first then. I have had nothing but good results using Delta and to be frank it is the only airline I use and I have tried them all. It is true that they do NOT give refunds but rather vouchers for a later date. Usually you must book a flight anywhere from 6 months to a year after original booking. Now like a lot of you I and my wife had flights for April the 14th and August the 25th. I was able to get vouchers for these flights I canceled by telling the agent I was afraid of getting the virus like most. The agent was just great and understanding and this was not the first time. I also cannot say enough about Disney and there understand through some very trying times. So Delta you have my vote and I for one am sticking with you. BTW Yes, you will probably have to wait on hold for an hour or two but in this situation that’s to be expected.


Thank you. I appreciate your input. It’s encouraging to hear that you got a voucher for your August trip as well. Did you by chance use points to purchase any of those flights originally? I’m interested in how that will work.

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I don’t think that is even taken into consideration on how you paid up front. I used a voucher I had gotten from a previous cancelation do to a death in the family. Wasn’t even mentioned. Agent just asked me why the cancelation and I told her the truth. She issues vouchers right away. Now I have found out that those who had flights that were canceled by Delta got a cash refund.

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i contacted Delta to move my flight from May to November. I was very pleased that they offered me an even switch - as in i did NOT have to pay any difference in flight - as long as “Basic Economy” (which i initially purchased) was available. Only “Main Cabin” was available for my Saturday return flight, at $130 extra per person for 4 of us, so we switched to Sunday, which had “Basic Economy” fare available. So, bonus, we get an extra resort day to build into our stay. Woot! I will say- they said I could only fly within a year of the initial purchase (September 9th) but that they could extend it 45 days for me so that I could go through October. I told them no, I can’t travel in October. They said they could extend it my November dates, but that I would not be allowed to make changes to the flight.

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Also, I thought it was funny that the recording said they are experiencing extremely high call volume and to not call if you are not within 72 hours of travel… and then 3 minutes of hold time later, I was talking to a CS representative about changing my May flight.