Changing theme park ticket with FPPs attached?

We were supposed to arrive this Saturday but our flight was cancelled due to the Hurricane. We were able to rebook but won’t arrive until 2 days later so I originally had a 6 day ticket and had FPP’s picked out but now I want to buy a 4 day ticket instead and use the 6 day ticket for future use. Is it possible to reassign the ticket to myself and then attach the new 4 day ticket without losing my FPP’s?

I don’t think FPP are tied to a specific ticket. If you have 6 days available to you on your MDE account, you can book 6 days of FPP. I would think you could link the 4 day ticket to your MDE account, and be OK as far as that goes.

Do you have a ticket card, or a MagicBand? I would be concerned with the 6 day ticket getting used instead of the 4 day when you scan at the tapstile. If you have a card for the 4 day ticket, I would think you could scan that at the gate and at the FastPass touchpoints, and it would use the 4 day ticket’s park days, and whatever FastPasses you have associated with your MDE account.

But, this is speculation. I don’t know for sure. You could call Disney, but they are hit and miss with how knowledgeable the person answering the phone is, so they may give you wrong info.

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Thanks for the reply. I do have a Magic Band but we’re doing a split stay so 2 sets of Magic Bands. Planning to buy tickets through a broker suggested from here but was going to use the e-ticket option. I agree Disney is a bit of hit or miss these days. I guess in the grand scheme of things, we’re lucky to go but just trying to save some money! = )

The cost difference between a 4 day and a 6 day (adult) ticket is $30, if you buy from Disney.

Attach your four day tickets to your profile. Your FPP selections will remain. Stop by guest services on your first day and ask them to prioritize your 4 day ticket ahead of your 6 day ticket. Keep track of which ticket number is which ticket (4or6) and double check in MDE it was correctly accessed.

I actually think it is safer to first link the 4 day ticket and then create a “friend” in your MDE profile- let’s call then Al Terego, and move the 6 day ticket there .


Yes! I agree this would likely be the safest. Very similar to the process of transferring a party ticket to a “dummy” profile. After your trip is over you can transfer the 6 day ticket back to your primary profiles. Be sure to link the 4 day ticket 1st and cancel 2 days of the 6 days FPP you already have scheduled so MDE has a 4 day ticket and 4 days of FPP

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Thanks everyone for the advice! I had to wait to get the 4 day park tickets this morning which I added to our second set of MagicBands since it’s our split stay at the CR. I have hard tickets for the 6 day theme park tickets which I’ll leave at home but I did reassign to “fake guests”. Fastpasses are still showing up and I have a confirmation number for those 4 day theme park tickets which I can get at the will call booth just in case it doesn’t work on the MagicBands.

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Sounds like you are set. Just FYI any MBs linked to your primary MDE will work interchangeablely.