Changing the dates on my tickets

Hi, I’m thinking about changing the dates on my tickets to 2 days earlier. Right now they are for July 29th and I’m looking to change the start date to July 27th. They are for a 7 day PH+ for 2 adults and 2 children. I did purchase through undercover tourist. I’ve talked to UT and Disney who both say I will have to pay an additional ~$94 to change. When I look on the price calendar on Disney, the 27th is actually $12.92 cheaper than starting on the 29th. Maybe I’m not understanding the new pricing. Anyone have a clue how to not pay this? Appreciate any insight. Thanks!

I show:
A 7D PH for 2 adults and 2 children w/ start date of 7/27 to cost $2324.82 - tickets good from 7/27 - 8/5
A 7D PH for 2 adults and 2 children w/ start date of 7/29 to cost $2337.74 - tickets good from 7/29 - 8/7

Unless you bought a buy XX get XX free ticket from UT (or the plus feature free or similar?), in which case you would have to pay for the free days/features??

(edited to update pricing for PH+)

That’s what I see also. I don’t think I got anything extra other than the normal discount from buying through them.

So you have to pay the difference between discount and actual prices. That seems to be the rub.

Did you buy before the price increase in March? (Think it was March, might have been late feb)

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I ordered March 13th.

Maybe that’s what it is. Bummer

Yeah, if you bought then you might have been getting a pretty deep discount. UT had old rate tickets available (leftover stock) through almost the end of March - friends of mine were able to get single day tickets in second to last week. So I bet what you’re seeing now is the new rate after the price hike from end of Feb beginning of March.

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I suspect you maybe got them at the previous price if UT still had some left.

And now you’re being quoted for the increase in price that went into effect the day before.

Now you might get the benefit of the current price if you do it in person, but that would mean you couldn’t book FPs for those first couple of days.

Thanks for the replies. I did buy before the increase, so I guess that is what is going on. Still aggravating though.