Changing room res but adding guests

Hi! I am staying at POP Century next month for two nights. I have reserved one room for me, my husband, and two kids and one for my parents. I decided we should stay one more night on the front end, but since my husband won’t be with us yet, I want to reserve just one room for the night. I booked through a travel agent who said she can’t modify the reservation because the same people won’t be in the same room the whole time (it sounded like magic bands have complicated things). She said she could link it but couldn’t guarantee that we could keep the room the next day. So I’m wondering: what if I modify the reservation for one of the groups and then go add two people in person when we check in? I’m not trying to sneak the extra people into the room but I don’t want both groups to have to relocate the next day…suggestions?

Let me get this right you DH, 2DK and 2DP total 6 people. Minus DH = 5 people. How do you put 5 people in a 4 person room? I know 5 out of 4 can’t do math but…

One is a baby!

It seems like if it is a room only reservation not a magic your way package, you should be fine adding at the front desk upon arrival but im not certain.

OK that math works out then. I don’t see what the problem is then (on their end). Are you asking for connecting room?

Just nearby. I don’t want to cheat the system but I also feel like we should be able to do this without booking a separate one night reservation! I feel a little guilty lying to the travel agent (who said I can’t modify room reservations unless the same people will be in it the same time) but from what I’ve seen online, it can be done on a room only res by telling the front desk in person. Anyway thanks for your reply!

Will you be together that day? If so - just extend your room and have your parents stay with you. You would just need to be there to open the door with your magic band. Or give them one of the kids’ bands - the baby doesn’t need their band for anything. You can stop at the front desk and just say that you have an extra adult in your room for one night if you feel like you should pay the extra person fee.

Just tell your travel agent to extend your room by one night and don’t go into who is staying there.

If you are using DME or extra magic hours - you might need to have the other reservation.

Thanks, this is all I needed to hear. Done.