Changing Park Reservations & Remy BG

Hi All! Apologies ahead of time if this is posted somewhere already. I didn’t find anything but my search skills could be sub-par. :wink:
If I am able to secure a Remy BG at 7:00 but then change my park reservation to say AK, will I automatically lose my Remy BG or does it stay in my plans? I may then change my reservation back to EP but not sure what DS15 will want to do. I would drop the BG if we decide not to go to EP but want to try to cover all my bases for the day just in case.
You guys and this board have been such a valuable (and entertaining!) resource for me while planning my upcoming trip. Thanks a million!!!

Your Remy BG stays. People have been able to get such a BG, then change APR to a different park, and actually go there, then hop back to the original park to use the BG.


Interesting idea since they allow you to come anytime after your BG was called.

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For now anyway.

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Are they still allowing you to come back anytime after your BG?

I’ve heard recently that the CM at the entrance says verbally “Boarding group X and earlier”