Changing park hours late august

I know that it’s very possible park hours may change as time gets closer. Especially summer hours which currently have parks closing earlier. Our trip is from 8/18-8/26 and just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how common last minute hour changes are. Maybe someone who was there last late august? I’m more concerned about opening hours as I have a few pre RD reservations and would hate for them to be pointless.

Also is there anywhere that I can see what actual hours ended up being last year vs what was “officially” sceduled?

I was there last Aug, there weren’t any 8am openings other than EMH but those didn’t change from a few months out. I don’t remember any later nights being added either but I wasn’t looking for them.

Thank you. That eases my mind a bit.

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This might help.

I am going on 8/25 and hoping for extended closing hours like you. I know they did change in 2014 for late August

This may help you

I keep and eye on this for changes

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Thank you for the help!

If the park hours do get extended in the evening. Which seems likely, does this change the timing of the fireworks at MK?

If you message me an email address I can send you the '14 and '15 calendars to look at. Closing was consistently later than current 8/17 calendar

The August park hours for Animal Kingdom were just updated. Looks like AK will be closing at 9:30 every night instead of 7:00.

I did just see that. Thanks! Hopefully the MNSSHP dates will be next!

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