Changing park day after scheduling FPP

I’m considering changing our day at Epcot the week after Thanksgiving to Monday instead of Thursday. I set up all my FFP’s this morning for Thursday but MDE won’t let me look at the options for Monday while I have Thursday’s FPP’s set. Is there any way to look at the options for Monday without deleting all my Thursday FPPs?

You can look at the Fastpass availability here.

Thank You! Touring plans has so many resources I can’t keep track of them all!

Do you have anything booked for the Monday? Or would this make an extra theme park day to the number of days’ worth of tickets you already have?

If you have FPs for Monday booked at DHS, you can check what is available at Epcot. You won’t lose your existing FPs until you confirm you want to go ahead.

But if Monday is currently a “free day” and you have used up all your days worth of tickets, then the FP availability tool is your best bet.

Yes, I’ve used up all my days of tickets so it won’t let me check on MDE. But the TP links are great!

Do you already have FPs at another park on the Monday which you want to visit Epcot on?