Changing, not canceling, ADRs same day

If I change an ADR the day of, to a later date, does that spare me losing the $10 per person? And what if I then ended up canceling that later date ADR?

I usually dislike loophole discussions but as countdown approaches 180, this is on my mind.

Coincidentally, I was cancelling an ADR for a friend just last night and the CM on the phone had hinted toward doing that. but we couldn't get the times to work out because of other ADR's going on the rest of the week. So I'd recommend having a plan B set up for that. But I think it might work

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It will work as long as there is availability for the same place later in the week but not if you have to change places. I don't know that I'd bank on it as a back up plan since most of the places worth having ADRs for aren't going to have much if anything open later on in the week.

Wow! I needed to know this!

If I rescheduled, why would it have to be for later in the week? Couldn't I reschedule for any time in the next 180 days? Again, this still falls under the Loophole category and I'm not thrilled with it. But I might need an escape plan for things such as me finding myself saying, "What? You guys want to see Fantasmic tonight?! But we have an ADR at Flying Fish!"

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I'm not sure who "you guys" are, or what your relationship is to them, but I think you need to be very clear with them that ADRs CANNOT be cancelled (or changed) same-day. I make a printed itinerary of "hard-scheduled" events that is well known in advance.

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"You guys" is DW and DKids. I have a schedule down to roughly 30-minute increments. But I'm trying to leave open the idea that some things can be changed. So, the thing I'm still wondering is it OK to make a same-day change to an ADR to some other day within 180 days.

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Still a good question. The CM to whom I was speaking alluded to doing it for the same week of stay (not further out). I wonder if there's anyone willing to take a stab at it. Maybe make a dummy ADR and try to switch it out that day. I'd do it, but my next stay isn't until October.

Ive changed ADRs for clients same day several times. it does need to be done BEFORE the time of the ADR though. after wont work as it falls out of the system that they use to make changes.

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yeah. I knew it likely had to be done before the actual ADR time. I was also just curious if I could change the date to that far in advance or if it's just for during their stay.

yes. I was actually able to use this loophole, with the wink wink help of a very nice CM.

we cancelled brown derby for that night, by moving ressie for it to next day - never asked me if we'd be there that day - actually flying out at that time. then I need to call right after phone call, to cancel the brown derby ressie for the next day.

dont know if this would work if no ressies available within next few days, but still good to know there's a possibly loophole if you really need one.

that said, I had strongly reminded fam that this could not be done. so basically they stuck to the plan til the last full day. would have stuck to this ressie too, except by end of trip were tired that night and wanted simpler, less expensive choice for their date night that night.

so I guess I wouldnt rely on this as a regular plan b, only as a last ditch remedy in unusual circumstances I guess.

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So, I have a H&V ressie for 11:05, looking for an earlier one and hoping something will open up. If something opens up late the night before or even early the morning of can I switch without penalty? Would I need to call the dining number or restaurant directly?

you can call the regular dining line and make the change. not sure about the penalty, but it's looking like you'd be ok. but you can ask to be sure.