Changing name on room and magic bands

So i booked two days for my group at PC through orbitz. When I pull up the reservations on MDE they are both listed. However, my name is listed on both rooms thus we are missing an adult (she is listed with my family members through MDE). I have no idea how to fix this. Also, on MDE I have magic bands listed but only for one of the rooms. Do I need the name fixed on the room so that I can FPP at 60 days for my whole group?

Who did you buy your tix through?

Through this site, I don’t recall which one but def affiliated with lines.

You’re going to have to call Orbitz and fix the names on the reservations with them an see if your MDE updates. I don’t know how much you saved by booking through Orbitz and buying tickets here but I prefer just to buy everything through Disney direct that way if I have a problem I can deal with Disney directly.

This worked! Immediately the MDE was updated. Wish this was in the fine print on Orbitz. I was able to access the magic bands right away too! Thanks