Changing my Park Tickets

I purchased 3-day park passes for our trip before the Magic 4-park (1 each day) tickets were released. I emailed Disney, and they said I may be able to upgrade through MDE. I wasn’t able to find the option, so I chatted with them online. That person said it was not possible to do online, and the only way to do it is at Guest Services in the park on our first day. I’m not comfortable changing all our plans around a possibility to upgrade. Plus, then I would miss out on the FP+ at 60 days for that additional park day. Is it worth calling Disney to see if they will upgrade me, or is this a waste of time? Thanks for your insights.

You need to speak with a ticket specialist at Disney. They should be able to help you.

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If you bought them from Disney, it’s worth trying. If not I think you’ll have to do it in person. But I am not an expert in US tickets.

407-566-4985 option 5. I pulled that number from my notes. Hopefully it’s the same still!

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Thank you!

407-566-4985 option 4 worked. I was able to upgrade my 3-day park passes (bought from a third-party but already linked in MDE) to 4-park Magic tickets (1 park each day) for only ~$25 more per person. Thank you!