Changing days after FP+ are reserved

Hi, I’m about to make my FP+ reservations 30 days out (we’re staying off property). However, we’re not 100% sure of our exact days of travel. I am making FP+ reservations for my best-guess dates. But if I need to change our trip dates altogether, I assume I can just cancel my FP+ and reserve more on another day without any trouble? Is this true?
Thanks for your help!

Yes, you can cancel them completely or even just modify them. It’s very simple.

Be careful. I just ran in to this myself. You can’t modify advance FP’s unless you are changing to an attraction within the same park. If you want to change the park you are visiting on a given day, I think you have to cancel your advance FP’s then start over for that day in a different park.

I agree ^^. Once I made my 3 fp selections, I was unable to even see what’s available in another park. You could call and have them check before you actually canceled, but I would try really hard to have my days narrowed down before fp selection starts.

On the desktop browser version I was able to see another park availability while not losing my original booking. From everyone’s posts I did not think it was possible. when I chose add FP instead of modify, selected another park but did not complete the switch after viewing what was there, my original FP selection was still in place.

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@kjwelser15 here you go! Try this How to check for FP availability in another park without losing the current FP selections

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