Changing dates?

We are currently scheduled for a trip Feb 1-7. I can change our plans to March1-7 for very little cost difference. Fireworks come back late Feb which I would really like to see. Any thoughts on pros/cons for changing dates? The DCA wine festival kicks off the weekend in March, but the Lunar festival is during our trip in Feb.

I would do it! FWs are one of our favorite things & the show they are going to run- Remember…Dreams Come True is a great show full of lots of Disneyland nostalgia. My kids love love love it. Also, having FWs back likely means that they are done with all the construction on Main St which may possibly perhaps mean a parade! We like the Lunar New Year festival quite a bit but if choosing between it & FWs with possibly a parade, the FWs and especially the parade (if it does get put back on the schedule) will win out for me.