Changing dates

Do you know if it is possible to change the dates for a cruise you’ve already booked? I understand I would have to pay the price difference for an earlier cruise, but is there a fee to make changes? I haven’t paid the final deposit yet.

Disney’s site has info for this on their Terms and Conditions page, (this is for US folk, other countries have different pages of info). It looks like you don’t just “change” a date, you actually cancel and rebook. Fees depend on the length of the cruise, and how far in advance you make the changes.

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Does anyone else have any insight into this topic? From looking at the Terms and Conditions page, it doesn’t appear that there is any fee as long as changes are made more than 120 days before the cruise (for a 6 night or greater at least).

We are looking at June 2020, and the first week of June would be covered by the sailing on May 30, 2020. If we book that next week when it opens, could we change to a June 2020 sailing when those are released later in the winter, without penalty? Or, would there be a fee/penalty to change when the rest of the summer itineraries are released?

Appreciate any insight from anyone who has changed itineraries in the past! Thanks.

No, you 100% can change the date. I do it all the time. Do NOT use the word cancel unless you’re actually cancelling the cruise - or are prepared to pay another deposit while you wait for a refund of the cancelled cruise.

No fee…but unless waiting would put your currently booked cruise within the 120 days (I’m assuming a) you have one booked already that you want to change and b) you booked after that change to 120 days PIF? If not and you booked it earlier, it’s the cancellation policy you booked under.), why not just wait to change it once rather than multiple times? If you haven’t booked a cruise yet, booking one in this batch when you know you’re going to change it will do you no good.

This is from a year ago. Regarding “cancelling”, I was basing this on their wording on that link: “Changes to the vacation commencement date or changes of Guest names will be considered cancellations.”

I agree that people can change dates, but it looked to me like Disney uses the term “cancel” to move from one cruise to another.

Forgive me for not noticing the date when someone else used the search function and pulled up the thread. It showed up in “latest topics” and so I read it, not seeing the date beside yours.

However. According to my TA and many others, unless you are 100% cancelling the cruise, are NOT cruising, and simply want your deposit back, you should NOT use the word “cancel”. You are “transferring a booking”. It’s been this way for over a year.

If you use the word “cancel” they will go through the steps and cancel the booking so that your money is refunded to you. If you then say “Oh, I just wanted to move it to a new date” they have no way to stop that refund process and while they will gladly make that new booking for you, you’ll have to put down a new deposit.