Changing date-based tickets

Has anyone with date-based Disney tickets had to change the original dates on them? If so, what procedure did you follow?

We are looking at POSSIBLY changing the dates of our trip outside of the original window of the date-based tickets (already purchased).

I know we can just pay the difference in price, if there is any difference. But I’m not sure, exactly, HOW. Would I first add the tickets to MDE and then call up Disney to modify them? Or do I have to do it in person?


Pretty sure this would be an in-person modification. You could try calling to see if that would work to make the change in advance. I would NOT do it online.

I’m not sure I would know how to try to do it on-line, anyway. I guess the question, then, is if I should first register the tickets in MDE or not. Perhaps it doesn’t make a difference. I suppose people would somewhat regularly already have their tickets in MDE when their plans change.

When I look at the price difference for the dates we are potentially looking to switch to, it is a case of only $10.

I think you register them for FPP reasons

When your tickets are registered in MDE, there is a “change” ticket option. You can pick a new start date and it will show you the change in price before you commit.

Ah! Well, that makes it easy enough then. Thanks!