Changing APRs day of

You can do this, right? We have 9 full park days planned for May and a resort day planned at BCV for our check in day. We have 10 day tickets so I thought I’d book HS on arrival day just in case the kids decide they want to pop over and ride a thing or two there or ride Rise if I can grab a BG. If they decide they don’t want to go over to HS that day I’d like to switch the APR to Epcot so we can head into the WS for dinner.

Definitely. As long as there is capacity. I’ve seen lots of reports of people who book HS for multiple trip days and change if they don’t get a BG for ROTR.

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Perfect! That’s what I was hoping for! Also, I JUST realized that I can make APRs for MYSELF for all 13 days we are there!!! Thanks AP!! I’ve never spent time in the parks by myself and am sort of giddy at the possibility of leaving the kids with my dad and RDing solo. :star_struck::sweat_smile: