Changes to U.K. tickets in effect 3rd Nov 2021

As far as I can tell the following changes are now in effect for all tickets booked from now. Changes are for the 14 day ticket.

There are now 3 seasons - value, regular and peak. You specify your start date from a calendar which is colour coded to the seasons.

The value 14 day ticket is about the same cost as the old 14 day ticket.
The regular season 14 day ticket adds £20 to the cost.
The peak season 14 day ticket adds £80 to the cost.

14 day tickets are now valid any 14 days over an 18 day period.

Genie+ can be added for length of ticket for £6.99 per day. Just under £100 per 14 day ticket.

This appears to mean that if you plan to use Genie+ for 9 or more days, it is worth adding it in advance, compared with adding it day by day. Using £12 per day as the cost of adding it day by day. (8 days x £12 = £96).

If you read my earlier conundrum post a couple of weeks back, this means that not buying tickets for next year’s Christmas trip has added £320 ($400) to the cost of the tickets.


Thanks for the info.

I’m sorry about your price hike :grimacing:


My tickets are part of a package, can I add Genie + for that price so you know?

That’s a pretty big chunk of change :slightly_frowning_face: Sorry.

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I would imagine so. But I didn’t read the fine print.

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I’m envious of these prices! I think that’s only ~$10/day for Genie+ if my conversion is accurate?

Yes to the Genie+ pricing.

The extra £320 / $400 is for the base price without G+ though.

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That’s still not bad for 14 days! Less than $550? That’s about the same as a 10-day ticket in value season.

No that’s the increase, not the full price.


Yes, this ^^^ @Jeff_AZ

That’s how much they’ve increased the cost of the tickets, which is around 17% increase just to come at Christmas.


I can’t find anything about adding it to an existing ticket but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, why would they want to share useful information.

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100% agreed. Today was the first mention of Genie on the U.K. site. And it’s been in effect for 2 weeks or so. And it’s only a few days until we can start visiting again (directly at least).

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Oh wow, yes that’s a huge increase! :flushed:

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