Changes to FP+

Hi Steve. Just looking for an update. Our trip is in 1 week. Frustrated with Epcot plans. Visiting park 3 different times just so I can see each of the Epcot headliners with a FP. Absolutely have no interest in seeing Tier 2 attractions more than once. Do you know if it still holds true that while I have to use Tier 2 FPs in Epcot before getting another Tier 1, on that day, I can exchange the advance Epcot Tier 2 FPs for any available attractions in other parks? (i.e. has Disney changed anything since we last looked at this?) Thanks.

Worked for me at the end of May. Soaring in Epcot then TSMM immediately after soaring scanned. I was just a party of one!

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AuntB- Different parks and getting two tier 1’s attractions works.

Pooh- I’m not aware of any changes. :frowning: You could try getting the 2nd tier 1 attraction at a kiosk. If you give this a try, let me know how it works out. I’ll be down at WDW next week also!

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I learned about that little loophole on lines and then this thread right before my trip. It worked well for me since I was solo and a desirable same day Tier 1 was available as a single. There might not be as much available if you are trying for a family of 4. Although overlapping FP times could work with a bit of extra effort.

@marciemiwi posted a work around for the expired tier 2. She was able to book another same park tier 1 after using her 1st tier 1 and letting two tier 2 expire. See the attached link for her great explanation of how she did it. No personal experience for myself on this one.

Hey @poohfanclub. It looks like I’ll be following your footsteps in Epcot. What was your experience with Tier 1 FPP’s in Epcot? Did you have to USE 2 Tier 2 and 1 Tier 1 BEFORE being able to get another same park Tier 1? For example, I’m really not interesting in getting any Tier 2 at Epcot. Should I- say- preselect 2 Tier 2s right at opening (and NOT use them as I’ll be enjoying lower rope drop crowds) and try to select my next Tier 1 and soon as I use my first Tier 1?

Hollywood FastPasses @marciemiwi did a bunch of tests and a great explanation in the linked post. You can book 2 tier 2 first thing in the morning and your tier 1. After you use the tier 1 and expire the tier 2 you can follow Marcie instructions for making the second tier 1 (if there is any availability)z

Genius and thank you.

Hi @Sam2071. I’m sorry I am not going to be much help here. Based on the testing that Steve Bloom had Seth do in April (see previous discussion), I was under the assumption that expired FP windows were not treated as used, and the system would not allow you to book another Tier 1 in Epcot until you actually used 2 Epcot Tier 2’s. However, he did say that you can book another Tier 1 in a different park (HS). We just sucked it up and used 2 Tier 2’s before trying for another Tier 1 on our trip in June. I’ve been following recent discussions, and it sounds like other people found a way around it. Good luck! Let me know how it works for you. (FYI, we did our 3 preselected FP’s as early as possible, and had decent luck getting Soarin’ as our 4th.)