Changes to FP+

Hi everyone. No one has responded to my previous post “Fastpass+ new rules” so I will try to rephrase. I am wondering under the new FP+ rules, if it is better to reserve only 1 FP+ in advance for Epcot and HS (rather than 3), so that you could get same day additional FP’s for the headliner attractions earlier in the day? (Example: reserve TS for earliest time, use it, and then grab RR immediately.) Is this allowed? If so, is there any same day availability for additional FP’s for headliners left now that people can reserve on their phones rather than kiosk? Need to reserve my advance FP’s in 5 days! Thanks!

I see no reason not to reserve all 3 FP as early as you can. IF its not exactly what you want you can always change them if something better shows up as you get closer to your trip. In our experience same day FP+ availability for rides is extremely limited…you basically just have to get really lucky to get something good.

I agree with Sally, do 3 FP’s in advance at the parks when your booking window opens up. That way you can try and get more day of in the park. In parks like HS and EP, there is still tiering, so you have to book 3 FP’s, 1 tier 1 and 2 tier 2 before you can book another FP, including a tier 1 ride day of in the park. Example if you only book 1 FP in advance and it is for Toy Story which it tier 1, you can’t book another tier 1 ride like Rock n Rollecoaster until you use 2 tier 2 FP’s. Hope that helps.

If you want to get two tier one attractions, your strategy will give you the best chance of getting them. Now that people can select their additional FastPasses with the mobile app, FastPasses are running out faster.

It is a risk & reward scenario. Take your three FP+, or only take one FP+ initially in hopes of getting a better second and third FP+.

The risk is higher the larger your party size.

Thanks. You seem to understand what I am getting at. So if I decide to chance getting 2 tier one attractions, the system will let me do that? Is the previous commenter stmahar above correct? Will the system not allow me to get another tier one until I have used 2 tier two’s?

I’m not sure about having to use 2 tier two attractions before getting a 2nd tier one. I will ask a Touringplans staff to test this scenario.

For your immediate need of selecting you FP+ selections, you can pick the three FP+ with your tier one being first and early. You can always cancel the tier two attractions.

I’ll get back to you after testing getting two tier one attractions without any tier two attractions.

I hope you have good luck which ever way you go …but i just want to say again, your chances of getting a second tier 1 type FP, especially at HS or EPCOT with relatively few rides, is EXTREMELY small. Your question about how the system works is interesting, as i would imagine hardly anyone tries what you are thinking about attempting. Pure guess here, but i would imagine it wont let you get a second Tier1 until your “normal” allotment has been used…if it did…everyone would be trying this and thats probably not something Disney is interested in entertaining ! LOL

Good Luck !!!

Thanks! I am very interested to find out what happens. I am trying to balance between scheduling all our FP’s early in the day in hopes of getting more FP’s, against not wanting to spend the rest of our day waiting in long lines (if no more FP’s are available)!

On Minday I was able to book a 8:20 RnR after I had used all my AK FPs that morning. This morning at 9:00 I wanted to change a FP to PP and there was nothing available before 9:00. I think availablity will flute greatly day to day and it will be a gamble.

So we did the test this afternoon. Seth got one FP for Epcot at Living with the Land, a tier 1 attraction. After getting on the ride, he tried to get another tier 1 Epcot attraction. The app said he has already used his tier 1 attraction, and only gave him options for tier 2 attractions. :frowning: I checked and there are still Mission Space is still available.

One interesting thing: Seth was able to select two FP’s at Hollywood Studios including a tier 1 attraction. This twist was new to me.


I knew that under the new system, you no longer have to physically be in the park that you are trying to get additional FP’s for, but could you please provide some clarification?.. Are you saying that after he used his tier 1 FP at Epcot, he was able to get another tier 1 FP at HS immediately following? (Example: If I reserve 1 FP in advance for Toy Story, immediately after I ride it, can I get an additional FP for Expedition Everest?) Thanks for your patience!

Sorry, I guess AK does not have tiers. Substitute a tier 1 attraction @ Epcot for Expedition Everest in my previous post!

I did not know this was possible, but it does look like you can reserve your 2nd and 3rd in a different park.

Here is what Seth did…

Booked first FP at Epcot (Living with the Land is currently Tier 1)

After using the 1st FP, Seth went to book another FP at Epcot. He could only select from Tier 2 attractions:

He changed parks, and Seth was able to pick a Tier 1 and Tier 2 attraction at HS:

After making the HS selection he switched back to Epcot, but had the same restriction.


That clears it up for me. Thanks so much for looking into this. We are visiting during June and I am very concerned about same day FP+ availability.

For planning purposes, assume you are only going to get the three initial FastPasses. More FastPass capacity is coming to WDW. The third track at Toy Story Mania (opening Memorial Day Weekend) will add FastPass capacity at Hollywood Studios. Frozen(Opening June ??) and Soarin’ Around the World (Opening June 17) will add capacity at Epcot. Animal Kingdom’s capacity will increase with the extended hours and evening activities.

Thank you for investigating. It’s very useful for when we’re considering park hopping during our trip.

Another question…do you know if under the new system, expired tier two FP windows are treated the same as used FP’s (as it relates to getting additional tier one FP’s in the same park)?

I don’t know. I’ll try to test it tomorrow.

I’ve done the test, and in the new system, a FP+ reservation in the past stays in your “plans.” You can update the attraction or time, but it is not considered used if it has expired. You will have to use two tier 2 FP+ before booking a 2nd tier one.


Thanks again. I appreciate your help.