Changes to FastPass+ Reservation system?

When I went to book my FastPasses (60 days out), it doesn’t let me select times ride by ride. Rather it is giving me 4 options (and only 4 options) of COMBINATIONS of my 3 selected Fastpasses… that’s not what I expected (especially with the Official Guide instructing for very specific times for each FastPass). Is this a new change? Or user error? If there is another way, I’d love to know what it is. I went ahead and booked my FastPasses but it’s going to make my tour planning more challenging since I couldn’t optimize each FastPass for a time frame that I was targeting. Thanks for any tips.

Once you have selected one of the options that are presented to you, you should be able to go in and change them to what you want, if they are still available.

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Ah! Thank you so much!