Changes to Disney Gift Card Website


I guess I’ll have to read that entirely…

So basically, make sure we have the full GC numbers somewhere other than on that site, because they will get wiped out during the update, and we will have to then re-input the info? If I read that correctly…

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Guess I better spend that $11 I have left on my gift cards! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this! I need to do some scrambling to keep better track of my gift cards now…

Correction. $15.18.

If you have some listed online, you can transfer the balance to any blank card (go to a store and pick up a blank).


That’s a good suggestion. I’m pretty sure my balance was entirely from online cards, not a big deal, but if I can’t find the e-mail in the future it could pose a problem.

I just checked. I have $13.39! How did I not spend that?

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I have quite a bit (close to $500) But that will be gone before the end of the year bc it’s souvenir/food money for the upcoming trip.


This change will be really important for people that were compensated for cancellations with gift cards during COVID or more recently the $25 Disney just shelled out for the recent dining reservation fiasco.

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Apparently I have $220. Who knew?!

So I go buy a physical card, transfer it on the site, and hold onto the card…is that the right process?

Or…I do need to start a mug collection!

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You don’t even need to buy the card, I don’t think? A blank card has no value?

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Blank cards still have to be activated, and there is a minimum amount you have to put on them, isn’t there? Usually like $5?

If the card isn’t activated, it can’t be used. And they are activated when purchased.

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Is it truly “activated” or “loaded”. It has to be “activated” if it is a preloaded card, but is that always true?

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When I worked at Disney Story we had someone ask if they could just have an empty gift card and load it later and the answer was no.

The only way to get around having to buy one (minimum is like $5 or $10) would be if someone gives you one they had that was empty.

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I have a pretty good stash of old blank cards. If anyone needs one, PM me and I will mail one.