Changes in hours mean?

Just discovered that our day in MK has changed the hours again. We are less than 2 weeks out now and Disney just added another hour to the backside… closing before at 11pm closing now at 12am.

A couple weeks back they had added from a close of 10pm to the 11pm.

The question is… and probably a “duh” type question… but can I assume they have done this based on the ticket sales for that day? Do they extend the hours when it appears numbers will be higher than originally expected?

The interesting thing is, the hour change has done nothing to the evening schedule, which is actually good cause I dunno if my youngest would make a 12pm closing show… did they add that extra hour to allow for spectators of the final shows to wander main street and shop maybe?

“Closing time” is mostly for the rides closing. People can wander Main Street and shop for a pretty long time after close. The Goodnight Kiss isn’t until something like 40 minutes after close. I hope it’s not an indication of higher expected crowds, because I have an MK day that’s a TP CL 10, and it went from 9 AM-10 PM to 8 AM-Midnight.

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The posted closing time is for the whole park, not just Main Street;you could ride pretty much anything in the park all the way up until midnight. Although extended hours are frequently linked to busier days, that is not always the case What is the actual date?

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:
The actual date is Sat Oct 1st.

Do they extend fastpass availability to the new hours when they add them? I’m expecting they will open earlier then currently shown when we go at thanksgiving.

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Yes! It is usually a great time to grab those late FPs.