Change UserName but keep account?

I have a friend who is lurking in the shadows because when they set up their account they used their real name, not realizing that’s what would display for others to see. They want to join the fun, but want to first update their username to something a little more anonymous and maybe a little more Disney too.

I’ve pecked around my profile and I can’t see how to make that change. Does anyone here have a step-by-step they could share? I know some of you have changed your names over time without creating a new account.


The change needs to be done on the TP website under their profile. Then, they might have to log off/on here a few times. It doesn’t always synch right away.

Log onto dashboard, scroll down to profile, there is an edit button (top right corner of box)


Ah, through the DASHBOARD. I keep trying through the forum! I’ll pass it along.

Or maybe they’ll see this :wink:

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Step by step, my friend:

On the left side of the screen just under the touringplans logo is a hyperlink called My Dashboard - click that

You’ll be on your profile’s dashboard - on the right side of the screen you’ll see a box called My Profile. Click the “edit” button there.

Update your UserName to what you prefer it to be, confirm your password, and click submit.

You should be a whole new person by then! :smiley:


Dear lurker, if you are like me and access through an iPad and/or have used the app to set up trips/touring plans you might have to scroll down the page to find the profile.


Ok it took me a couple of days to get it together and get this done, but thanks so much for the helpful advice! I am up and running now. It is a weird feeling to actually be talking to you all now since, after following along quietly for the last 3 years, you all feel like famous people to me, maybe like reality tv stars? Anyway glad to join the fray.



I’ll email you back tomorrow. :wink:

We aren’t famous except in our own minds. We are regular! Welcome!


Welcome! I am so glad you made it!


Thank you!!! I did this and was trying to change my name. Success! Thank you!!


It’s hard to describe but I agree with you, I’m mostly a lurker until I have a trip planned. The stars around here are fun to watch with their banter and wit! I don’t mind being in the shadows mostly but I do love the interaction so many have. Also thinking about changing my name up a bit (poor Molly pup has been gone for years now) so I will have to think on it, but thanks to this thread, I know how to do it!


Yeahhhh i def need to do this too