Change Party Functionality / HACK

Has anyone used this to get more FastPasses? I’m going down without DH and we both have APs. I would like to use change party to double up. Do I have to use all of mine before I can move his over?

If you have 3 booked you must use yours first and then move his over 1 at a time like 4th,5th,6th, etc FPs. Tiers also come into play. You can’t move another tier 1 over until you have used your first 3 (same park).

Use it while you can. I do this whenever I am solo. I usually book FP for DW later in the day in another park. I get mine all early in the AM then see what else I can get before I break in the afternoon. Then in the evening I go to the park that I made her FP in and transfer them one at a time. Just remember you cant do it on the app.

We were able to do this on our last trip via an old version of MDE that we were able to download on my husband’s android phone. Honestly, we didn’t use it as much as I thought we would because we could get most of what we wanted just by trying in the park.

Couldn’t you just wear both MBs?

They closed that loophole. A magic band / card must be used to enter a park before using FPs linked to the MDE account. Otherwise they lock the MDE account of whoever made the FPs, and you have to do the walk of shame to GS and explain to get it unlocked.

And by removing the “change party” function from the newest version of the app, they are slowly closing that one too. Word is they will remove it entirely “fairly soon”.