Change of plans

We canceled our trip in August and went to the Jersey shore. My phone calendar was killing me the entire time with canceled plans pulled from my email. Was talking to the better half on the beach and she said that she would be comfortable going in February or March. I am thinking about renting some DVC points and getting a 1 bedroom, and taking a shorter trip, rather than waiting until next August. Wrestling season has all but been canceled so we are open for a trip in February or March, then taking a different vacation with friends in August. So here are the questions:

8 night August 2021 Contemporary or 5-6 night DVC in Feb/March 2021?
February or March?
Should I put in a request for a specific time period and property or is it better to just one of the confirmed vacation rentals?

Sorry you had to cancel your trip and get constant reminders of it. I love the weather in Feb-March. But it was also crazy busy with spring break people in March, and Feb was way busier than our trips in the summer and fall. Of course, all the old rules on crowd predictions may as well be thrown out the window now.

If the predictions hold true on covid trends for a second wave, Feb-March may be riskier than August. How much of a pain will it be to get refunded in the event you have to cancel if you rent DVC points for that time period?

Definitely February or March. The weather is near perfect, 70’s maybe a couple 80’s. Not much rain that time of year. Previously I had targeted the last week of February or first week of March for my trip for being lower crowd weeks. Spring break season starts the second week of March.

Back when there were crowd level calendars with plenty of history to go by, the most green was the last few days of January and first few days of February.

I too thought spring break was more of a March thing, but was corrected repeatedly (different forum, as I recall) that many schools have spring breaks in February.

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Based on the TP Historical Crowd Levels, late Feb/early March has had lower crowds/wait times than late Jan/early Feb for the last 3 years. Before 2018, you are right.


Gotcha - we went several years at that time frame but last one was 2015.

For some crackpot reason we’ve been doing a lot of summer trips since then. :sweat_smile:

Just a note. A lot of colleges have cancelled their spring breaks and are planning to go straight from Feb through May without a break. And in the northeast our K-12 spring breaks are in April because we also have a winter break in February. So maybe March might not be so bad this year.

That said, I would be wary of renting DVC points this year because of the cancellation policies. Ordinarily I’m a fan, but it’s pretty risky right now.

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In COVID times, I can’t imagine planning a trip for 5-6 months out…there’s just no way to know what the world (or Disney) will look like!

And renting DVC points is particularly risky right now with so many unknowns.

Personally, I would only actually book things that are fully refundable. We’re holding off rescheduling our 2020 spring break that was already rescheduled to October (which we’ve cancelled).

Well I am definitely trying my very best! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We’ll see…

If 'twere my trip, I’d plan more February than March, or as early in March as possible. Actually, early March is ramping down of flu season.

For our hopeful December trip, after daily park reservations, I’m mostly only planning one TS meal per day - usually lunch - with an eye toward making it a special meal, new to us restaurant or old favorite. In park activities - I think we’ll see what we see.

In the meantime, we’re on pins and needles regarding our CS reservation: [when] is it getting moved? And where?

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That’s terrific! We’re planning Feb 27-Mar 6. Looking forward to more daylight then.

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