Change of Park Hours

Hi - I have just had notification from the DIBB that the park hours have changed end of May - does anyone know when the new park hours will be updated on the touring plans? I wanted to re-run my plans to see the effect of the longer hours etc and it won’t let me do this at the moment…

Anyone know when the fast passes drop for the additional hours when Diz extends Park hours like this?

Could be pretty soon. Or it might be another day or so.

Just keep checking, and good luck!

And a reminder to those looking for FoP. If you already have NRJ, then you will need to modify that one to see FoP availability.

I got an alert this morning to say that MK has 7am EMH now on the day we’re there, and it’s showing up on the TP now. I’m a bit furstrated as we would have been OK doing RD for 8am EMH but I don’t think we’ll make it for 7am.

My May updates were reflected in my TP yesterday…

I know hours can change up until just prior to the date, but do they ever shorten the hours that were published? I would assume no because of FPP but just checking. I’ve always been on off times that have had early closings so I’m excited for our park hour extensions in May.

A few are showing up for MK but not all are loaded yet.