Change name on DVC Reservation

We’re 90% sure we’re cancelling our trip in September…it’s a once in a lifetime experience for our family and the modified character dining, shortened park hours (no Pandora at night), no fireworks, mask wearing for our 2!!, 4, 6, & 8 year old just make the thousands of dollars in outlay a bad choice for our family.

That said, we’ve rented DVC through a private party…is there any word on whether Disney is letting owners change the name on a reservation…just hoping there might be someone out there who would want the reservation and allow us to possibly recoup the some of those funds…

I’ve changed the names on DVC reservations many times, both to add and remove people and to in effect transfer a reservation from me to someone else. It’s never been a problem.

I was just unsure if they’d paused that ability right now? along with the pausing of new reservations? or is DVC unaffected by this? sorry, i’m new to this.

There’s nothing that suggests these changes can’t be made for DVC. The member site is allowing new reservations and changes to existing reservations. While I didn’t complete a transaction doing either of these since the reopening announcement, I did make reservations for later in the year during a period when no non-DVC reservations were being taken.

Points reservations made by owners are governed by a whole different set of policies and laws so the rules for one don’t have to apply to the other.

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Thank you for your detailed reply! Very helpful!

Just to make sure you realise the DVC owner will need to make the change, and will need to agree a new contract.

Oh, yes, of course!! This is all dependent on what my owner is willing to do. Just trying to brainstorm a win-win way out where no one has to take a $2500 hit!

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