Change in park hours: Pre RD ADR now after opening

So this is irritating, as I was glad to get a jump on things. If my ADR is 8:25 and park opening is 8, does that mean no early entry? :confused:

Yes it means everyone gets in at 8 am. I would cancel adr. First hour after park open is golden touring time. I wouldn’t spend it eating.

I noticed some 8:00ish ADRs becoming available recently and couldn’t believe my good fortune. Then I noticed MK is opening at 8:00am (or even 7:00am) on all the dates the ADRs became available. Either park hours changed recently or ppl just noticed the early opening but either way the 8:00am reservations seem to be getting discarded in favor of early morning park touring. Bummer to lose that opportunity for PPO ADR.

It happens a lot. On our last trip we just changed our time to 10 and went and rode rides for a couple of hours and then stopped for a nice relaxing breakfast. We ended up really enjoying the change.

I too am considering doing this…had an 8:20 BOG breakfast on a day that MK decided to change from 9am opening to 8am…no longer pre-rd so when an 8:40 popped up I switched…but looking out for something around 9-10 now since no matter what I don’t have it before park opening. It’s pretty irritating when that happens!
If nothing later opens up I may still keep the 8:40, my kids really want to try BOG breakfast. If we plan on being there for 8am RD I’m hoping we can catch a ride on 7DMT before the 8:40 breakfast!

I actually preferred it. I am not the type to wake up and start putting food in my mouth lol. By waiting til 10 I had time to wake up and actually be hungry. Plus it meant snacking for lunch lol. I can’t do BoG breakfast. After two very mediocre meals at lunch and dinner and knowing I can pay $4 more for a breakfast at CP which we love I just can’t bring myself to do it.

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