Change for mobile use?

Was there an update done last night to the mobile version of the forum? I logged on this morning to check in and holy canola oil, Batman! It is a LOT easier for me to navigate now. I can actually see what I’m typing and everything (although I don’t expect this to eliminate typos as my autocorrect hates me). If there wasn’t an update, and somehow I inadvertently changed some settings, I hope it doesn’t change back!


Yes, new update last night. The folks who wrote the software made some changes. Tell @daybreaker. He’ll be happy.


Wooohoooo! Thanks @daybreaker! You are the awesomest of awesomes!

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@daybreaker a Thank you!

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Thanks @Daybreaker!

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My tablet, galaxy tab3, using chrome, still doesn’t show me everything up too that my phone does. Tablet easier to use since larger overall. But no search is a bit frustrating at timea. Any ideas?

Good news! It’s looking the same as before on my iPhone, though - is there some step I have to take to make it change over to the updated version?

Looks the same for me as well - maybe the update was for Android-based devices?

I have an Android, and I don’t see any changes, but then again, I was able to see it fine before. I use Opera on my phone.

My android based tablet has had no change. Still have to go into a topic to sign in if I sign out, no search on the top bar…

I am on a Galaxy S5.

Kudos to @daybreaker and @lentesta. After some really ugly problems early on, I’ve had no issues with the standard internet browser on the S4. Though really, this place is so sprawling that it’s difficult to navigate through everything efficiently from anywhere but the computer, though I keep trying. But that’s a function of the format of forums such as this, not software bugs. I’ve done a couple “comparisons” w/the chrome browser & I’ve not noticed a significant difference. They really addressed a lot of problems very quickly. Considering the extent to which they’ve accommodated a very small (but loud) percentage of their customer base, I’m impressed.

The features here are nice; I’ve gotten used to using the green box instead of “scrolling” (most of the time), and I like that it (usually) takes you to where you left off before.

But I’m still gonna miss the old chat. :wink:

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Does look better to you? We’re considering making that the default view.

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Latest already does seem to be the default view, though it’s possible I changed that in my profile settings way early on. [checking…] don’t see it as an option/preference. I do see a “what’s considered ‘new’” option that I’ve fussed with a number of times because this place is sprawling & I’m having a hard time figuring out what the actual new threads are. But that’s my problem. :wink:

Much better than before on my iPhone 5s. And if I hit reply enough times, it actually posts.