Chances of a Refurbed Room?

I’m traveling to Orlando for a conference and plan to save little money on accommodations by staying at a value for two nights of my trip on property. I have a PIN code for a really good price on a room at All Star Movies, but I’m wondering how good my chances are at getting a refurbished room there? I’ll be there 2/13-2/15 and from what I can tell, they’re only about halfway through the renovations right now, so I’m not optimistic they’d be finished by the time I arrive. I plan to book a preferred if I book there - so do you think it’s likely I’ll get a refurbished room or should I look elsewhere?

We are staying at all star music tomorrow and I used the reservation request to request a room in the refurbished building (I think Music only has two buildings currently updated) so we will see if we get lucky!

Oh! I had no idea they had started at music! Which buildings?

Building 7 and 8 I believe. I’ll let you know if we get one when we are there tomorrow. And see if I can find out the refurb schedule

That’d be great! Thanks!

So, I am really not sure we can trust this info, but my TA told me that only refurbished rooms were currently being assigned to guests currently (and until the work is over)…

I think she (or he) has things slightly wrong.

That would mean when they start at ASM, for example, no rooms at ASM would be available for the first few weeks, until they had finished the first block of rooms!

It would only be true when they were doing the last block of rooms at one of the resorts.

They may well assign the refurbished rooms first. But lots of people will still have to have an unfurnished (?) room, until they are nearly finished.


Yeah I thought it was weird too. She said that most rooms were already done though so that might be it ? I really hope I will get a brand new room !!! :wink:

That makes more sense. They probably took a block of rooms out of inventory for x weeks each time. So if they’re now down to the last blocks, that would explain it.

Sounds like you should get a refurbed room then. :grinning:

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This should have been in reference to POP Century as they have either just finished the last buildings or are very nearly finished.

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I think I was totally wrong, I think movies is the only one that has started. I got my wires crossed, sorry.

No worries! I hope you have a great vacation!