CG Time and Restaurant Recommendations


What would be the perfect time to try to get an ADR for CG to see Wishes? Would you dine before, during or after. What is the best option? Please recommend some dining options (breakfast, lunch or dinner) for honeymooners? We would like 1 character or signature meal per day and will be there 5 days. Thanks for any help.


We saw Wishes last Wednesday night from CG. Our reservation was at 7:10, Wishes at 8. It worked perfectly. We had drinks and appetizers before fireworks, and then the entrees came after. We had the most amazing table against the glass so watched from there, but you can also go on to watch on the deck.
My favorite meals for adults: CG, Tiffins, Hollywood Brown Derby, and Tutto Italia. Lunch or dinner works.
For character meals, Tusker House (at 10:30 after an 8am EMH, you get breakfast and then lunch foods) and Garden Grill (8am on a 9am open day, gets you onto Soarin before the rope drop crowds). Just did this Monday and it worked great plus food was good, served family style which I prefer to buffets. Have fun planning!


For CG I shoot for 90 min prior to the start of Wishes. This gives time for drinks, apps, and entree before the show. I always watch from the deck (have never been lucky enough to get a window table), then come back in and have desert.

CG is my overall favorite signature for combination of food and experience. Based on food only, Monsieur Paul and Jiko I think are the best, followed closely by Citrico's and Artists Point. HBD is my favorite lunch spot in DHS (I haven't eaten off of the dinner menu in over 15 years). I've had nothing but excellent meals at Le Cellier (go there for the steak), but if I'm only having one signature meal in EP, MP wins out. I was disappointed in Narcoossee's, but that may have just been an off night. I haven't had a chance to try the new Flying Fish menu yet, nor have I been to Tiffins or Yachtsman yet. I did not like the Boathouse in DS and do not plan on going back. Morimoto's was excellent. Of course the best of the best is Victoria and Albert's; it's pricey, but if you are "foodies", on a special occasion like a Honeymoon, you owe it to yourselves...

I am generally not a fan of CMs. Having characters come past the table for a minute or so just doesn't do much for me, and the food quality does not warrant the high price tag. The one exception that I've found is Tusker House; the food is somewhat unique (compared to all of the other CMs), it's "reasonably" priced, and the characters are a nice "bonus".


For my Andrea and myself, Jiko wins hands down, Monsieur Paul was also great. Yachtsman Steak House would be another.Rose & Crown and Yak & Yeti. We had deluxe dining during a trip from 12/17 -12/27 and did reviews on the whole trip if you want to check them out They start here with plenty of pictures and daily reviews.


Thank you so much! Great information.


I think that as long as you eat at CG sometime that day (be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner), you can bring your receipt later on to be allowed access to the deck to watch Wishes. If you prefer to time it with dinner, an ADR around 1-1 1/2 hours before Wishes will do the trick. We had dinner twice at CG and the Wishes view made it great! It was also the best way to allow my then DD5 to watch it and then quickly bundle her into bed in the Contemporary right after. Beats fighting one's way through the MK crowd!